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Does being healthy = eating "clean"?

This is the pinnacle of health and wellness, right?

Which diet or meal program is the best - Vegan, Keto, Whole 30? 

If I just follow those diet rules and my body will be healthy and thriving right?

Allow me to let you in on a little secret, there is no “perfect” diet. Even if there was, it might not be right for you! We are each created with a specific metabolic type, so what works for one person very well may not work for another. There are also varying factors that can affect your metabolic type. Stress, age, nutrition, mineral status, toxin and heavy metal exposure can play a huge role in how your metabolism is functioning.

In order to best nourish, support, and encourage healing in your body you must approach your nutrition from a place of knowledge focused on you and how your body is functioning.

why HTMA?

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test analyzes your mineral levels and also measures your heavy metal load and toxin exposure which can give a unique look at how your body is functioning. This enables me to create a bio-individual nutrition protocol specified to support your body where it needs the most help.  

Image by Misael Moreno

get started

It would be my honor to join you in your wellness journey! Through personal experience, I know that this test can be a valuable tool to assist and give guidance as you strive to live a thriving lifestyle. 

Schedule a free consult to chat about how HTMA could help you in your journey to better nutrition tailored specifically to you!

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