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low-tox living

“What is the hype about toxins and and chemicals?”

“Is this low tox lifestyle just a fad or another attempt to get my money?”

“Our parents raised us this way and we’re all fine, so does it really matter?”


These are all questions we’ve heard and thoughts you may have had yourself. I understand, I’ve been there too! What I began to realize is that our world has changed dramatically in the last 50 years and our environment has become incredibly toxin laden.

Have you heard of the phrase “toxic burden”? Our bodies were created with detoxing capabilities, but when the amount of toxins our bodies are trying to filter out overwhelm what our bodies can handle; we start to feel the effects. Just to name a few, these disruptive chemicals, dyes and heavy metals wreak havoc on our body systems.

Let’s not stop there too long though, because there is a simple truth here. If you decrease the input, God made your body so it can handle the rest. There are some toxins outside of our control. There’s no point in stressing over those; instead, focus on what you can control.

That is my heart’s desire, to remove the overwhelm and confusion and give you a clear and attainable path to a “cleaner” lifestyle.

let's keep it simple

Don't approach this transition with an all or nothing mindset. If you do, it will overwhelm you mentally and probably financially too! Identify your biggest areas of concern and switch things out one at a time. 

Grab a copy of my Low Tox Living Guide to educate and enable you to make these wellness shifts in your life. 


how I keep it simple

I have tried many products along my journey to this low tox lifestyle. I love using essential oils,  Thieves concentrate cleaner, baking soda, and vinegar to name a few things that have transformed our household cleaning and personal care items. 

Check out the link below and also the products in my shop to see what I use to keep life simple!

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