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Hi! I am Rebecca Grant!

I wish I could have this conversation with you over a piping hot cup of tea, but  this will have to do for now!

First, I am a child of God, redeemed by my Savior, Jesus Christ!

Most importantly after that, I am married to the most incredible and supportive man that I am blessed to call my husband. We are blessed with three beautiful children here on this earth and this is my first and greatest calling. We are also thrilled to be in ministry together as my husband pastors our church and seeks to follow God. This more recent venture is one that I believe God has been forming in my heart for many years now.

My journey to a natural and holistic approach to life has been full of twists and turns. Starting out I felt so overwhelmed in how to research and find the information that was not mainstream. I was feeling the effects and experiencing the symptoms that often manifest living how our society and culture functions. I knew there had to be a different way!

I am so thankful to be learning and constantly growing  in the incredible ways that God has created our bodies and also in the most natural ways to care for them. 

I have such a passion to share the importance of "clean living" and all that encompasses. No, not the stereotype pictures that immediately pop into your head of some gym guru that only eats salad and protein shakes. Rather a sustainable and simple way of life that is not based on fear but a knowledge and confident ability to live daily in a healthy lifestyle. 

I could continue but instead let me assure you that there is a natural way to live that supports your wellness and I would love to help you get there! 



I reached out to Rebecca, looking for some guidance on my health. With implementing simply a few suggestions from her, I've noticed significant improvements in my health. She is a true blessing to those she meets, an encouragement, and full of wisdom. I'm so thankful I took the plunge to reach our to her - and I hope you do too!


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